Support Contracts

We can provide your Company with a Service Contract to look after all of your Business' IT requirements, so that you don't have to worry if you encounter a problem and having to find someone to come out and fix it, we'll have you covered.


Serivce Visits

Speed of Resolution & Scalability

Unique & Personalised

Priority Service

Domain Hosting

We can Register your Domain, Host your Website & Email. We can provide a variety of packages to meet your needs and give you support to make sure that your services stay running smoothly with no interuptions.


Domain Registration

Email Hosting

Wesbite Hosting

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Network & WiFi

We can provide a variety of Support & Equipment for wired Networks and WiFi. We use the best equipment suited to the job to ensure the qualtiy of connection and useablity.


Office & Outdoor

Guest Networks


Onsite Survey


Below are the other types of support we provide;


Service & Repairs

New PC's & Laptops


Software Support

Virus & Malware Removal

Onsite Call-Outs

Find out more about how we can help support your Business' IT by getting in touch